The company constantly strives to improve both the technology and quality of its products with highly skilled and continuously trained personnel.

SCHWABE HELLAS applied its own quality management system which was firstly certified in 1996 according to ISO 9002:1994.

Since then the company has continuously evolved its quality management system and was again certified in 2003 according to ISO 9001:2000.

Under the scope of the company’s commitment to the protection of the environment, the company has established a System of Environmental Management certified according to ISO 14001:2005.


CE MARK is applied by SCHWABE HELLAS on its products.

CEmeans European Conformance and represents the compliance of the product with European Directives.

Electric and Electronic appliances within the European Community follow the directives hereunder:

Quality Marks
The following quality marks apply to the Schwabe Hellas standard Ballasts:


LV 73/23 E.E.C.
Low Voltage Directive applicable to all electrical appliances with rated voltage of 50 to 1.000 V a/c and 75 to 1.000V d/c.

EMC 89/336/E.E.C.
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive applicable to all electric and electronic appliances which can generate radio-interference and can be effected by general disturbances from other appliances surrounding them.

With reference to the above directives with which SCHWABE HELLAS products fully comply, the corresponding International Standards mentioned in this catalogue and in the “CE Declaration of Conformity” are strictly followed.

The tests on the products are conducted at European Testing Institutes which certify the use of the Standard in SCHWABE HELLAS products. Moreover, the Company has established its own research and development department, fully equipped in order to provide testing services for the Company and its customers.


This directive applies to Ballasts for Fluorescent lamps and indicates which Ballasts will be excluced from the European market due to their high losses.

According to CELMA, the Fluorescent Ballasts are classified to 7 classes A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C & D as indicated within a table attached.