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07Mar 2016

Our company would like to announce that authentic / original products who follow the Know – How and technology of ‘’Schwabe Hellas S.A.’’ are produced only by our establishments in Koropi/ Athens/ Greece and Marino Pole/ Petrich/ Bulgaria. Our authentic products carry the below Brand Name & Trademark ‘’Schwabe Hellas” and logo and could be […]

22Feb 2016

The world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology About 2,500 exhibitors take part in Light + Building at Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre and almost one in two of the over 210,000 visitors comes from outside Germany. The most important visitor target groups are architects, interior architects, designers, planners, engineers, artisans, the […]

22Feb 2016

Environmental Impacts of LED Lighting A purchase for LED Bulb may seem like a new light bulb or flashlight for you, but for the environment it is far more. Every fluorescent or incandescent bulb replaced with a light-emitting diode (LED) bulb means conserving enormous amounts of energy and reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and […]

22Feb 2016

The regulation EC 245/2009 (amended by EC 347/2010) is the implementing measure of the directive 2005/32/EC with regard to ecodesign requirements of products mainly used for office, industry and street lighting. The regulation also covers similar products used in private surroundings. The regulation includes: Fluorescent lamps without integrated ballasts High-pressure discharge lamps Ballasts for fluorescent […]

26Jan 2016

The company’s Management Department has developed an environmental policy taking into consideration the safe management of environmental issues and the performance of any preventive action is required. The Management Department of SCHWABE HELLAS A.E. with the operations of Designing, Developing, Producing and Selling the Electrical and Electromagnetic Ballasts for Fluorescence, Mercury and Sodium Lamps, through […]