Museums and Monuments

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In the recent years the world has observed a concentrated effort to utilize the monuments and archaeological sites. After the change of sociopolitical conditions and the rise of living and educational standards, it’s understood that the return at the past and a better knowledge of the history of man, may appear beneficial for the future of modern man. Various countries, worldwide, being aware of this situation and knowing the economical-financial, and not only, benefits that their cultural heritage can bring, they take in charge significant efforts to promote their archeological sites and monuments.

These efforts include the monument’s embrace, since the increase of the internal and external tourism phenomenon. Through this phenomenon the need of the archaeological spaces was created to be accessible and pleasant to visit.

The lighting is a big factor to create an environment and a scenery that will not only make every guest feel that he is in an archaeological site but he is becoming a part and communicant of a situation he has never experienced before, a situation of the past history.