Airports & Transportation

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Walkways, corridors, parking structures, building entrances, pick-up and drop-off canopies signs and airport perimeters, the runways are just a few locations in an airport that is crucial to have good lighting for travellers and air-traffic safety, which can resist and maintain even under bad weather conditions, covering the airport’s regulations.

Subway and metro lighting can be a work of art containing creative light fixtures as an artistic medium that have the power to influence passengers mood and to enliven the public transit space.

Furthermore, tunnels and waiting areas in subway stations tend to be dark, it is important to ensure bright lighting for travellers to find their way around, feel safe and employees to work under a pleasant environment.

In the shipping industry lighting is also vital. Ferries, Commercial ships and Cruise ships need to project illuminated lights to make passengers and staff who are spending days in the ships feel comfortable.